Equipped for Service

Eagle Airport's primary striping machine at work

Unlike most striping equipment, our custom airless spray system allows application of paint evenly and with stunningly clean edges. State-of-the-art electronics and spray technology allow fast and effective paint application to meet the highest industry specifications.

Layout is critical to any paint work. We take the time and utilize custom layout tools to insure accuracy and detail. Straight lines, accurate measurements, and attention to detail all add up to a job that meets the highest expectations and specifications, with a great appearance.

Not only is our equipment superior, but we also use only the best materials for durability and specification requirements. Our paint and reflective products are produced and backed by industry leaders in pavement markings.

Driven to Excellence

Why go to such extremes? Because pavement markings are the least expensive, yet most visible part of most major airport projects. We understand that the quality of finished work on the pavement reflects more on the entire project than any other single item. Not only is appearance important, but paint work can be the difference between selling the job or waiting for weeks to pass final inspections.

Lastly, we understand the need to adhere to specific guidelines for the safety of air traffic. Markings essential for aircraft safety and FAA specifications are designed for optimal safety of the pilot, aircraft and people on the ground. This concern for safety also effects our working atmosphere. The Eagle crew works to minimize interference with air operations while maximizing safety as we work on your airport project.